Earth Day for Kids: The Magical Mindful Day
The Squishable Baby.png

By Lisa for The Squishable Baby


The Magical Mindful Day is a children’s book for kids of all ages, intended to inspire the practice of mindfulness, to raise awareness of our interconnection with all living things, and to remind children that the Earth is their friend.

The book tells the story of a young girl named Gaby, her stuffed cat Baba, and a wise cat named Oreo. Oreo meets Gaby at the beach one day and gently guides her on a peaceful journey through awareness—of herself and her environment. With an awakened sense of wonder and respect for the earth and every living being, Gaby, discovers that mindfulness has as much to do with our inner being as it does with our outer world. In fact, she learns, we are one with all: the body, mind, spirit, oceans, forests, jungles, deserts, and plains, as well as creatures great and small.

Written and co-illustrated by Deborah Salazar Shapiro and Addison Stonestreet, with an accompanying song titled “Be Aware,” The Magical Mindful Day is born out of Deborah’s personal experiences both as a child growing up in war-torn El Salvador and as a mother raising two children in a time of tremendous environmental changes and challenges.