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Following My Heart

Over the years, I have challenged myself physically, running half-marathons, a full marathon, and even climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (with no hiking experience!) to raise awareness for Parkinson’s disease research. I have also challenged myself mentally, particularly during the years I was pursuing a graduate degree. Reading, research and hours of studying were undeniably difficult, but the life events that were unfolding simultaneously became almost unbearable. During my last year of graduate school, I went through a divorce. It was one of the most stressful experiences I had ever gone through, especially since I was largely responsible for raising a young child. The challenge of writing, illustrating and self-publishing a children’s book, however, is incomparable.

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Facing the War Within

The experience of growing up in war-torn El Salvador weighed heavily, and for most of my life I had a deep feeling that no matter how well things were going, something was bound to happen that would disrupt and destroy whatever happiness I was experiencing. And it only intensified when I became a mother. It’s quite ironic, considering I had followed my passion for psychology and clinical social work, getting educated at a world-class university and really succeeding. But I couldn’t see it—or feel it.

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Where the Battle Begins

Since early childhood, I have held a deep passion for music, dancing, painting, and photography. I attribute this in part to my father, a self-taught cinematographer, who exposed me to the arts and the powerful emotions and messages that could be expressed through them. But it was my mother who had a tremendous impact on how I viewed the world and my place in it. Through her devotion to our family and helping the community, she exemplified love and compassion. As a young girl born and raised in war-torn San Salvador, El Salvador, I realized quite quickly the fragility of life and what a troubled place the world had become, at least my small world.

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